Nồi lẩu đa năng ZOJIRUSHI EP-PW30-TA

Nồi lẩu đa năng ZOJIRUSHI EP-PW30-TA
Thông tin sản phẩm:

- Hãng sản xuất: Zojirushi

- Giá: 3,600,000 (vnđ)

Giỏ hàng


Product specifications

Part number EP-PU30
Suggested retail price 18,000 yen (excluding tax)
Pan filled with water capacity (L) 3.7
Power consumption 1300W
Height Dimensions Width × depth × (about) Yes earthenware pot lid-like pot use: 38.5x35x19.5cm 
Roasted meat plate, lid have sukiyaki pan when using: 35x35x17.5cm 
38.5x35x23cm: during the three sheets when folded plate
Depth plate inside size / inner diameter × (about) Earthenware pot style pan: 27 × 5.8cm 
Roasted meat plate: 27 × 3.7cm 
Sukiyaki pan: 27 × 4.0cm
Weight (approx.) 5.5kg
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タイプ  グリル鍋 形状 丸形
焼肉プレート*1 たこ焼きプレート*2  
付属プレート数 3 枚 プレート面素材  
焼肉プレート素材   鍋素材  
最高温度 230 ℃    
金属ヘラ対応    油カット 
煙カット    加熱面切替   
マグネットプラグ    プレート丸洗い 
サイズ   重量 5.5 kg
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